Revised March 10, 2020

Be sure you have installed GlobalProtect before continuing

These directions assume that you have installed the Global Protect client through NASD Software Portal on your District issued laptop.  

If you have not yet installed this software, follow these directions first.

These directions are for PC (Windows) users.  Any user with a Mac should contact the Service Desk for support. 

🌐 - 📧 - ☎️ x51500 - 412-369-5849


These directions will not work from inside the district.  it is not possible to connect to GlobalProtect from inside the District network.

Setting up GlobalProtect for the first time

Use the search bar beside the start menu and type GlobalProtect

Choose the GlobalProtect icon from the Start Menu.

The GlobalProtect client will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
Enter when asked for the portal address. 

If at any time you receive the following certificate error, click Continue:


When you get a username and password prompt, enter your TigerID credentials

Connecting to the District network with GlobalProtect

Typically, you will access GlobalProtect through the system tray.  To open the system tray, click on the up arrow in the lower right-hand side of the page.


Connection errors and how to handle them:
Server Certificate Error - just click continue to proceed.
Authentication Failed/Invalid credentials - Global Protect uses your Tiger ID credentials, but sometimes it will put a"NA\" in front of your username. Delete the "NA\" and then sign in using your Tiger ID and password.
Gateway Main Error - call or email the Service Desk (, 4123695849), or create a ticket so we can remotely connect and quickly fix this.


Contact the service desk if you need support. 

🌐 - 📧 - ☎️ x51500 - 412-369-5849

If for some reason, you cannot connect, verify that the Portal IP is present by clicking the earth icon, followed by the “settings gear”.

If the Portal address is not present on the General tab, click Add, and add the portal so that it looks like this:





If any other addresses other than are present, highlight and delete them and add the address as shown above.





 Additionally, if you already have GlobalProtect installed you may be asked to update the version that is currently installed.
When you see the following message click yes. This will download the new version and then disconnect to upgrade the client.
When prompted select Yes to upgrade. Once updated it will automatically reconnect.