The Global Protect software allows you to access network resources (i.e. H: drive, G: drive, District printers) from outside of the District.  These directions are for District Windows-based computers from the NA Software Center.  Employees can install Global Protect on their District Windows-based computers without the intervention of Technology Services by following the four steps listed below. 

Any user with a Mac should contact the Service Desk for support. 

🌐 - 📧 - ☎️ x51500 - 412-369-5849

You MUST install Global Protect while you are on the District network.

  1. Double-click on the NA Software Center icon found on the desktop of your computer.

NA Software Center icon 

  1. When the NA Software Center application opens you will see a listing of software that is available for you to install on your laptop. The list of available applications will vary based on your role and/or teaching assignment in the District.

  2. Look for Global Protect on the list of available applications and double-click the icon.   


  1. Click on the Install button and the program will begin the installation process. Alternatively, if you click on a software that you have already installed, you can choose to uninstall it, if needed. 

  1. The status will change to Installed when the installation is complete. You can check this by clicking on the Installation status menu.  You can also click on the Installation status menu to see which software applications are installed on your computer.