The Connect Client User Guide helps you manage business communications using your desk phone, computer, mobile phone, or home phone.

Follow the steps below to log into Mitel Connect.

1)  From the Windows taskbar, type Mitel in the searchbar and then select Enter. 

2)  Right-click on the words Mitel Connect, then select Pin to taskbar.

3)  The Mitel icon should now be accessible from your Windows taskbar.

4)  Double-click the Mitel icon from the taskbar and then select Show Advanced

     Enter your TigerID and your Password

     Select the checkbox next to Use Windows Credentials


     Type for the server

     Select the checkbox next to Remember me

     Click on Login

5)  Your name should appear with your phone extension for the District. You can now access your contact list, recent calls, voicemails, and events from the Mitel menu.

6)  Select the phone icon from the Mitel menu.


7) Select Softphone and then select the audio you are using for calls.